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Red Fox Historical Provides Historical Archery Services and Historical Education Outreach to Schools and Heritage sites.

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Amazing tales of Noble Knights and Dreadful Dragons

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As Part of the team at Oakham Castle we developed and delivered a comprehensive heritage learning programme. In July 2019 it was awarded the Sandford award for high achievement in heritage education. If you would like us to do the same for you then get in touch to see what we can do.

Our COVID-19 Safety Policy

We deliver a wide range of sessions and workshops often to large groups so we strive to remain COVID safe at all times.

  • For schools and displays... 

    • Where possible we will stay at least 2m from participants at all times.

    • No item handling of objects at the current time.

    • Sessions leaders sanitise throughout the day.

    • Where necessary we will wear masks.

  • For have-a-go archery and crossbows...

    • All participants must sanitize their hands before and after using equipment.

    • Minimum age raised for children 8 to minimise physical contact required with younger children.

    • only shooters allowed into the shooting range.

    • masks worn if close proximity is required.

 Please contact us via our contact page or email us at to have an informal, no obligation, conversation.