Experience Days

Need a special day to reward your staff? Looking for an extra special birthday treat? Need a memorable activity for your wedding reception or garden party then Red Fox can help.

We provide a number of exciting packages to enrich any occasion.

  • Archery - either as a have-a-go activity for large groups or as a coaching experience for smaller gatherings.

  • Medieval obstacle course - a fun historical themed physical activity for children or a more complex version for adults.

  • Heritage crafts - Create historically inspired items to keep.Choose from activities such as, needle felting, coil pot making, craft a gargoyle from clay, make mangonels from lollypop sticks, Christmas pomander making, viking bead workshop and many more...

  • Small encampment - a small 3 person historic encampment to add to any event. Three people and two tents performing demonstrations and show and tell for your guests.


 Contact us for more details and quotes...

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