Driveway History

The current global pandemic has impacted everyones lives so we at Red Fox Historical have come up with something to help anyone home schooling. 

Are you struggling to keep home schooling engaging? Are the kids getting bored of on screen lessons? Do you want to create a WOW day for your children? Then why not try some Driveway History. 

Historical characters visit your house and host a fun and interactive education session in your drive or front garden.

  • We deliver 30mins of interactive history, all at a safe distance, by DBS checked, experienced leaders.

  • There are a choice of 4 sessions

  • £20.00 per session, for however many children are in the home. Payable at time of booking.

  • Available 7 days a week,  between 9am and 4pm. 

You can Choose from the following workshops :

Saxon Beowulf smol.png

Wiglaf tells the epic story of the great hero Beowulf and his battle with the monster Grendel. Children can then write their own simple version of an epic poem inspired by the tale.

Meet the Apothecary

Our apothecary will tell you about all the amazing diseases you could catch in medieval England and how to cure them plus a little assistance with protection from demons.

Childhood Games

It wasn't all war and pestilence in the middle ages. Learn how people entertained themselves throughout the medieval period.

RFH John 01.jpg
Meet the Knight

Norman Knight Jean de l'Acier will demonstrate medieval weaponry and drill the children in the finer points of shield warfare.

To enquire or book call or Email us via our contact page

Our COVID-19 Safety Policy

  • Session leader will stay at least 2m from household members at all times.

  • Children will be given disposable gloves, so they can handle objects safely.

  • Objects will be put down for children to pick up, rather than passed.

  • Sessions leaders will wear disposable gloves.

  • Only children from the same household will receive the session i.e. no mixing of households.

  • Sessions will be delivered on the drive, or front garden as advised by the customer. There will be no need to enter the house. This means that if the weather is extremely wet, the session will be re-booked for another day. Under most weather conditions the sessions will go ahead, so be prepared to dress appropriately for the conditions.

  • The customer will be required to provide a chair or stool for the child(ren) to sit on.