Consultancy Rates

We have two levels of assistance that we can offer to suit all budgets. We can give you the tools and training to forge your own path or we can take the weight off your shoulders and write your programmes for you.

We will work closely with you in both cases to make sure it matches your ethos and vision for your site.

Tools and Training


Two day course at your site or nearby venue covering audience development, identifying and capitalising on your Unique Selling Point and practical tips for great delivery of activities.

Comprehensive Plan Development

£350 per day

You will have a lead consultant assigned to you but the experience of our whole team will be brought in to provide you with the very best of our combined years of experience and knowledge. The size of your project will influence the number of days required so it's best to talk to us informally, free of charge, to gauge how many days might be needed to help with your budget planning. 

These two plans can be applied to any and all of the programme development topics we offer.

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