We deliver hands-on, immersive and fun learning opportunities at your school. We currently cater for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3. 

  • All our sessions are closely linked to the curriculum

  • Pre and post session materials available

  • Risk assessments for all sessions supplied

Below are a selection of our main workshops.



Immerse children in the lifestyle of people who lived and worked in a castle. From the lords and ladies, soldiers and builders to the cooks and peasants. They even get to meet a real knight!


Children can learn about the features of a castle and try to build one with stone, make gingerbread and taste and smell spices from the period and experience a medieval banqueting table for further discovery of food for the rich and poor.

They can get active with medieval dance, and creative with making a "poppet" or doll. It's a packed day, with a variety of multi-sensory activities, perfect for making the world of castles feel real for the children. 

Outreach Pick and mix:

Puppet show with treasure hunt,

Castle cooks,

Castle builders,

Banquet session,

Medieval dance,

Childhood games,

Make a poppet,

Crown making,

Shield drill,

Weapons demo.



Experience the rule of law and learn how justice has evolved over the years. From the Saxons to the present day, children look closer at how how it was decided if you were guilty or not and will get to feel for themselves what it felt like to be both the accused and the accuser. Real cases allow children to compare what really happened to what they might have expected or their own decisions. There's lots of historical roleplay, meaty topics for debate and a sprinkling of the gruesome!

Active learning guaranteed

Trial by Oath

Trial by Ordeal

Judge and Jury

Victorian prison vs. modern prison

Reform vs. punishment debate

Tudor crime hotseats

Outlaws and forest law

Outreach Pick and mix:


Following the development of early medicine and how it intertwines with the potions and remedies that 'cunning women/witches used.  Children are thoroughly engaged throughout - as they meet a witch from our past and hear her story,  make their own potion, meet an apothecary and a modern scientist and compare their ideas about the use of plants in medicine. 


Dry ice and the distillation process and the occasional chemical reaction, occurring when pupils potions are brewed, give opportunities to consider changing states of matter.  


Lots of inspiration for literacy tasks after a rich day of fun and imagining.

Meet the witch of belvoir,

Make a potion-brand a potion,

Meet an apothecary,

Wand lessons,

Trial by ordeal,

Witches dance,

Make a gargoyle,

Protection marks,

50 ways to die in the middle ages.

Outreach Pick and mix:

Battle of Hastings,

A cruel retribution,

Magna carta,

Simon De montfort Tug of War,

Domesday book,

Meet the Duke of Buckingham,

Fair or not fair,

An englishmans home,

Perfect democracy – perfect dictatorship,

Archery demonstration.

Outreach Pick and mix:


A modular set of activities that focus on the challenges to Kingship and Parliament in the UK between 1066 and the present day.A WOW visit for your citizenship programme or for KS3/4 history students an immersive day that will develop understanding and enquiry about key moments in the long road to democracy.

Edward the confessor in State:   Intro
Survive the Middle Ages
Shield Drill and Training an Army
Battle of Hastings Re-enactment
A Cruel Retribution
Saxons v Normans: Debate

Settlements: Location, Location, Location
Trial by Oath
Trial by Ordeal
Domesday book activity
Weapons demonstration
Have-a-go Archery 

Module Pick and mix:


Explore the build up to the most important battle in British history. Re-live the decisive conflict and learn how the armies fought and the tactics they used. Experience the brutal price of rebellion and see how a king holds on to power in a hostile land.


Face the tribulations of settling a new land and learn about rich cultures. Through storytelling learn about their darkest fears and find out how they entertained themselves. With interactive crafts explore their art and languages and discover their beauty or explore the myriad horrible fates that awaited you in the early medieval period

Settlements - Location, Location, Location

An introduction to Beowulf

Survive the Middle Ages

Saxon Brooch making (incurs small additional cost)

Childhood games

Shield drill

Weapons demo

Write a cinquain

Clay Runestone craft (incurs small additional cost)

Raiders and Traders

Make a Viking bead necklace

Module Pick and mix:


Can be run either as an elective, as an after school club or as a one off taster event.


Following a detailed instruction session to all the children about technique and safety, all the participants will get the opportunity to shoot on the line in small groups on command and take part in games and competitions.

(Age 8+)

Taster Session (example)

4 groups of 5 children

Each Group session duration 1hr


6 Week Course (example)

£60 per week plus £10 per session, per child.

Ideal for a group size of 10

All sessions are flexible and can be tailored to suit your and the childrens requirements. Contact us to create a bespoke event for your children.


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