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When I set up Red Fox Archery I wanted to create something very specific. I wanted people experiencing archery for the first time not only to get a sense of the history of archery but to genuinely learn something and not feel like they were at a fairground archery stall being handed substandard equipment and left to get on with it. I make all our arrows and all my bows are made by Stephen Ralphs who has worked on pretty much every Movie and TV show that features bows and arrows.

I try as much as possible to teach archery properly, its slower than just taking the cash, handing kids jelly bows and letting them get on with it but its so much more rewarding for me and for the participants. Obviously at events like this you can't go through the full process of teaching but having taken the instructor course, I formulated a thorough but truncated shorthand for teaching the basics.

The result is having almost everyone who has-a-go hitting the target with their first arrow even complete beginners. It is inordinately satisfying to have children and adults leaving with not only a sense of achievement but also an interest in archery as a pastime or sport.

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