The Companye of the Fox is a 14th Century re-enactment and living history group based in Oakham. Our aim is to recreate life around the time that the great hall of Oakham castle was built. From Knights and Archers to Cooks and Gong Farmers we want to create as rich a display as possible.
With Regular training for those wanting to improve or learn martial skills and craft and drama workshops for those wishing to depict a wider view of Norman and society we aim to be an active and social group.

Events take place throughout the summer and training will take place during the winter months. We have a private facebook group so members can stay in touch.
We also provide public liability insurance. 

What Do I need to do to Join?
  • Firstly you need a passion for history and an eye for authenticity. We want to accurately depict 12th Century life so zips and elastic are a no-no.

  • You should also enjoy learning new things, many re-enactors make their own clothes, furniture or accessories. 

  • Ideally you will have some sort of income as re-enactment can be an expensive hobby​.

  • Transport would be useful as you may also find yourself with quite a lot of equipment to ferry back and forth to events.

  • You would need to fill out our membership form and pay the membership fee (to cover insurance, admin, cover additional group costs and communal resources) and you will then be issued with your membership card.

Annual Membership Fees

Individual (18+) £20
Family £35
Student £12

If this sounds like something that you want to be involved in then contact us below and we'll be in touch.

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